Saturday, November 7, 2015


Are we rightly dividing the Scriptures?

What makes us confident our 
interpretations are correct? 

You'd be surprised to know most of what
passes as Christianity today is in error. 

This episode will tackle a few of these issues and more! 

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Friday, October 9, 2015


What defines a Christian? 

Are cults like Roman Catholicism, Mormonism and 
Jehovah's Witnesses actually Christian?

This episode will tackle a few of these issues and more! 

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Friday, September 25, 2015


Episode One Now on YouTube
WASHINGTON -  Zephon Ministries announces its new series:  "The Biblicist", hosted by Todd Diezsi.  This program will attack a lot of 'sacred cows' within Christendom today which are unbiblical and in dire need of revision.

Most Christians DO NOT read their Bibles.  They say they do, but the facts betray their ignorance of the Word.  The churches of Jesus Christ today are filled, literally, with unbelievers.

The Biblicist episodes will seek to prod the 'pew warmers', the 'lukewarm' and the unbelieving toward a deeper study of the fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith.  The current gospel being promulgated by those who claim to be Christian is, in most cases, completely foreign to the Holy Scriptures.

Our first episode is now available on YouTube.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Enough Already!

WASHINGTON - For one who has been in "the game" for almost 30 years now it amazes me still how easily people are duped; especially those who claim to be born-again Bible believing Christians.  Now granted, years ago I was as gullible as anyone, it seemed.  When I heard voices like Rush Limbaugh, Jack Van Impe, Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams, Chuck Baldwin, Bo Gritz, Steven Quayle, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and others in the "Christian" political realm speak, my fears were ignited and I began looking under every rock for a conspiracy.  Yet, as I've matured and 'let go' of childish understandings I've come to realize, as have many others, that the men above are only charlatans posing as Christian voices.  Men like this number in the hundreds today who continue pulling the perpetual wool over peoples eyes keeping them in a constant state of readiness and fear in anticipation of their contrived scenario for the end of days.

One needn't possess a doctorate in rocket science to understand things are getting progressively worse, and this by design.  What troubles me most today is many speak as though they understand what the New World Order is all about and yet, they still haven't a clue.  Such people talk as though dark times the world over are soon to descend upon us and we must be prepared.  Whether that readiness be in the form of what some today refer to as "prepping", both physically and financially - or having one's spiritual house in order- very ignorant folks are running around preparing for something that is already occurring.  They've been deceived.

The New World Order is here.  It has been present for quite some time.  It is not something to come but is something that is being honed every year until the 'control grid' is completely in place.  Naive teachers today would have us to look to the future for some Worldwide Kingdom of an antichrist when such a kingdom has long existed already - at least for the past 2,000 years.  I don't mean to purposely step on my fellow Christians toes, spiritually speaking, but wake up guys.  There is no end of the world coming.  This earth has hundreds of years left, if not thousands, perhaps even millions.  The so-called signs of the Apocalypse you perceive to be taking place around you are designed to lull you further into your slumber.  For Christians, the main cause of this deceit is known as Dispensationalism.  It has been the culprit behind many not being able to rightly divide the Scriptures and thus relying more on occult mysticism or the "inner" voice within to determine what is Truth rather than actually studying the Written Word.

This world has always been under the auspices of the Evil One.  His kingdom is physical and it has not been vanquished but only continues to enlarge itself.  There is no future antichrist - such a figure is past.  There is no future rapture - such fanciful teaching is unbiblical.  And there certainly is no Great Tribulation in our future as many false teachers today within Christian prophecy circles love to rail about.  Such minds have no grasp of history and in fact, are actually disinformation agents whether they realize it or not.  I've found most actually court disaster, as did I, hoping the Kingdom of God would materialize when it will never be seen with physical eyes.  This is why most "eyes" in so-called Christendom today centered around prophecy are focused on the State of Israel when this satanic country has absolutely no bearing on Biblical events perceived to be yet future.  Yet millions fall in droves to those who would have them look to Palestine for their coming Messiah when His kingdom will never again inhabit flesh and blood.

What troubles me lately is how naive men and women point to natural disasters and financial turmoil as though these are surely signs of the end of the age.  I was guilty of being one who bought into these cleverly crafted lies years ago.  Today, 'mad science' (as it is called) has produced everything from artificially induced earthquakes, dynamic floods, powerful hurricanes and severe droughts.  

Financiers who own more than 99% of the worlds resources presently cause economic booms and busts at will. They create military wars and depose international leaders on a whim.  These are not signs of an impending Apocalypse.  They are trademarks of a ruling elite so pervasive that not even religion escapes their grasp.  They completely control what is termed "Christianity" in America today.

And don't get me started on the so-called "Patriot Movement."  These folks love of the physical world so overshadows any semblance of Biblical Christianity they may adhere to that I've personally found them to be some of the most ignorant people when it comes to reality.  Their blood-thirst for revenge betrays their allegience to a false deity.

Recently I had the displeasure of being on the American East Coast.  Researching various locations I happened to find myself in the Vanderbilt Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.  Most of those taking the tour alongside myself were completely unawares of the absolute Satanism represented all around them.  Unlike myself, who ended my tour rather abruptly with disgust, everyone else seemed oblivious to the darkness that permeated the Vanderbilt Estate.  Yet, the god displayed all over this sickening display of wealth is the very same god most patriots and quasi-Christian Americans reverence every day.  The American Patriot movement has always been on the wrong side of the fence.

So what's my point you ask?  Simply this:  enough already!

Wake up and do your research.  Study to show yourself approved instead of relying upon some "voice" in your head, heart or soul convincing you you've got it all figured out.  What you believe to be Truth is, often times, the complete opposite.

I'm ashamed of how much time I wasted listening to those who hadn't a clue years ago, and in most cases, still don't.

This world has gone to hell already.  There is no saving it.  It is the domain of darkness.  As Christians who belong to another kingdom, a heavenly spiritual kingdom, our purpose is to pull others from the flames not reassure them everything will be okay in the end as the occult mystics teach.   This world is indeed passing away.  It is destined for complete and utter destruction one day in the distant future.  And most souls along with it beyond salvation.  The lie of Universalism soothes many into a false sense of security.

So frankly, who cares what happens to America?  It's god is Mammon and it fully deserves to collapse.  And it will.  Yes, tough times are here and they're only going to get worse. 

Wake up.  You don't need some egotistical 'prophet' to tell you how to hunker down and prepare for the worst.  The worst is now - the "even worse" is coming.  But life goes on.

If someone is frightening you about the future they themselves are scared and fear the unknown.  Are you afraid?  Do you fear the future?  Why?

I encourage you to enjoy life.  Live everyday as if it were your last but know that things are all under control.  It all depends on who you yield yourself to . . . if you like listening to those who claim to "speak" for their god then test the spirits.  I think you'll find most of them are conglomerations of nothing but the epitome of "vain imaginations".
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Christ Really In Christmas?

WASHINGTON - As our video ministry progresses it has come at the expense of this blog.  As a result, not too many writings have been posted recently.  

However, again we find ourselves at the holiday season and I thought it apropos regarding this time of year to once more offer a bit of insight as to why many of us abstain from the frolic and jovial goings on as the calendar once again winds down.

Kirk Cameron's latest Film
The actor, Kirk Cameron, of which I have written about in previous blogs relative to his ties to the Masonic version of Christianity, has recently released a motion picture entitled: Saving Christmas - Put Christ back in Christmas.

While it is no small coincidence Mr. Cameron mimics the motto of the occult Roman Catholic secret society, The Knights of Columbus, and their mantra to "keep Christ in Christmas" - it should still be a clarion call to all those who still doubt how well entrenched Free-masonic principles are interlaced with the Roman Catholic holiday of Christ's Mass.

Below you'll find a short and informative radio interview that was supposed to feature Kirk Cameron defending his position on the holiday - however, Mr. Cameron kept postponing his appearance, for what appears to be evasive reasons.

None the less, this video is provided for those who still may question just what is the truth about Christmas?

Radio Interview


Mr. Staley's Original Feature Video on Christmas

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Friday, June 27, 2014


WASHINGTON - Zephon Ministries' second video in our: The Church Defined, series is now available for viewing. 
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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Holy vs. the Profane

WASHINGTON - A very valid question today which hardly seems to be asked is this: How do we know if we are truly serving the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob - the God of our LORD Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the saints of old?

Many of us stand convinced we are indeed genuinely worshiping and heartily believing in the Holy One of Scripture.  We staunchly affix ourselves unmovable when challenged of whether we are being led by the Spirit of Christ or our own selfish desires of the heart.  We've persuaded ourselves our LORD is Jesus and our God, the Father in Heaven; no one can cajole us otherwise.

It is not this writer's intent to convince some to the contrary in this writing.  As always, it is, however, the author's intention to point out the Truth and encourage the reader to follow thereafter.  It's the oft repeated statement . . . "no one purposely seeks to be deceived" . . . which this writer seeks to bring into remembrance.  For at the present time the overwhelming majority of professing Christians have been deceived.  Why this is a surprising statement to some is because they have yet to discern the mystery of iniquity that's been working in the church for the past 2,000 years, (ref. 2 Thessalonians 2:7).

We've been highlighting the precepts of being a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ.  Many claim to be His disciples but their actions prove otherwise.  May the following words offer some revelation to those who may be curious as to why this writer consistently seems to portray the great majority of professing Christians today as apostate.

Via the personal journeys of some of us through 'hell', so to speak, we've been painfully taught how to learn to obey and strictly rely solely upon Him for our necessary sustenance. At times we fail but we proceed in Faith onward and upward.  Such a boast cannot be claimed by all, sadly.  Yet, this is the calling reserved for all those who seek the Master's face and long to inherit His eternal kingdom.

For many years this writer sought God to bless his efforts rather than pouring his efforts into what blesses the Father.  As a result, there is not one conviction presently held as Truth today which hasn't been completely divorced from what was previously believed.  That is, one of the most important outward signs of Christian sanctification is the discernment to let go of previously held convictions in light of greater Truth.  This is a distinction of a truly humble and contrite spirit. And this to His praise and Glory only - for left to our own devices we'd still be wallowing in the mire tossed about by every diverse wind of doctrine and sleight of men.

We live in a world of 'smoke and mirrors.'  Deception is all around us.  Most professing Christians cannot even fathom the idea that most of their thoughts and desires, their sincerely held convictions and deep rooted beliefs are actually erroneous and based on cleverly crafted lies of men; men, for the most part, that have no overt desire to purposely deceive others, but do so, none the less, because they themselves have been subject to rulers, principalities, and powers of darkness, (ref. Ephesians 6:12).  

Society, as a whole, has been brainwashed by politicians and religionists for so long that very few minds actually are able to extricate themselves from the malaise of disinformation, lies, and outright deception.  Regretfully, this same disease affects a vast number of churches, as well.

While this writer was water baptized as a teenager and pursued a holy calling, taking an obedient stance in subsequent years after a profession and conversion to the Faith - it should come as no surprise that none of this would have been able to redeem him once he backslid and fell away.  Had he not repented of his descent into darkness nothing would have been able to restore unto him the previous fellowship he coveted with God.  This is part and parcel of the grave deception so prevalent today in Evangelical teaching.  The Calvinist doctrine of "once saved, always saved" has been borne out in many lives to be a comforting, but damning lie.  It is a demonic doctrine of devils offered to fallen men in order to salve their conscience of guilt.  The Scripture plainly states that Faith without works is dead, (ref. James 2:14) yet many Christians presently cannot seemingly understand what works of obedience must be apparent in order for their entrance into the kingdom of Heaven. 

For example, the current Pontiff of Rome recently made some very ironic statements which should have the majority of Roman Catholics further questioning everything their "church" stands for and believes.  Unfortunately, the Pope's statements only further solidify the blindness of not only Catholicism's leadership but its adherents as well.  (Click here and here). Ignorance is truly bliss sometimes.  

The largest "Christian" sect in the world, holding sway over literally billions of souls, is utterly corrupt to its core.  The religion it teaches is pagan and utterly unbiblical.  As a result, the destiny of most of its adherents is destruction. Yet, this does not stop droves of Protestant evangelicals from seeking to be covered, once more, under the umbrella of 'mother Rome,' after extricating themselves centuries ago during the Reformation.  Albert Einstein once stated:
"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth."
Roman Catholicism is not only to blame, however.  The same fate awaits Protestantism as well as modern day Evangelicalism. These systems of man-made theology are sweeping the masses towards a future of turmoil and death all the while, on the surface, parading themselves about as the purveyors of brotherly love, peace, and righteousness.

How is it so many have been so deceived for so long?

The answer is simple, actually.  Men love darkness rather than light, (ref. John 3:19).  And while religion claims to show us the Light, they've only offered a counterfeit, in most cases.  Jesus Christ warned the religious leaders of His day to make sure they did what was necessary in order to discern Truth.  He stated plainly and boldly that men, if not extremely careful, could be led astray by what seemed holy and right, (ref. 1 John 1:5-7, John 3:19-21, Psalm 139:12, Romans 1:21, Matthew 6:22).

In modern times, men have dismissed the true Christ in favor of their own christ.  To them, the Christ of the Bible is one who overlooks and tolerates their sin.  He is one who has "paid it all" and therefore does not require obedient fruit in order to be redeemed and granted eternity in heaven.  He is one who accepts lawlessness and excuses rebellion.  He is one who just says 'believe' not do!  That is why so many today, it appears, find no problem wearing a cross; from the most vile and repugnant musicians and movie 'stars' to the most revered religious leaders.  To these Jesus Christ is simply a talisman one can use to ward off what they perceive to be evil all the while standing convinced they have a free ride to heaven.

While it's true that groups of men and women through the centuries have been faithful and righteous toward the God of Scripture, this is but only a small minority.  The majority have followed the broad road which leads to destruction.  Only a remnant ever find the narrow path in each generation.  Very few, according to Scripture, will find the genuine way of salvation; most will follow their own path which seems right to them, only to find in the end it, too, leads to damnation, (ref. Proverbs 14:12).

So what has gone so wrong, especially in America, that most people who consider themselves disciples of Jesus Christ near universally believe that holiness, while preferred, is not an absolute requirement of eternal salvation?  What has convinced them that all they really need in order to make it to heaven, and thus into the radiant presence of God for eternity, is simply a static belief in Jesus Christ?  

Proverbs 14:21
Some try and partner their belief with good works like feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and elderly, clothing the poor and loving the downtrodden - not realizing that these things, while all good and noble efforts, if not done from a clean and contrite heart, are only dead works which will never merit eternal glorification.  

How much worse will it be for the fat and wealthy who greedily consume more and more while the weak and poor suffer horribly?  Some of the world's greatest philanthropists are also the boldest purveyors of wickedness.  In fact, many very popular "Christian" stars of our current era make known quite loudly, just as the Pharisees before them, how abundantly generous they are in their financial contributions to the poor and destitute.  The Scriptures state emphatically they have their reward and such as these will not inherit the kingdom of God, (ref. Matthew 6:3-4).
So how must one live if they are to inherit eternal life?

Anyone who has been paying attention this past holiday season couldn't help but to notice the absolutely disgusting and repugnant behaviors those within the churches have displayed.  One would expect greed and covetousness from the heathen, but those who profess to be Christian?  It makes Christ utterly sick when those who dare call themselves by His Name spend more on their own pagan rituals then they do on the fatherless and the widows.  How many children went hungry this past week while millions of professing Christians spent plenteous amounts of time and money worshiping their materialism and covetousness all in the name of Jesus?

The blame for these behaviors, if it is to be fairly meted out, must be placed nearly entirely at the feet of those who claim to be elders, pastors, and priests of God.  It is the responsibility of these men to pastor, teach, feed and bless the flock of God. In some cases, this has been done and continues to be - yet in most instances the men elected to fulfill this calling have abandoned the sheep of the LORD's pasture to ravenous wolves.  Rather than serve and protect they have been seduced to mislead and dominate the flock of God. For they themselves are just as greedy and covetous as those supposedly under their care.

In the early church the deacons and elders of a congregation served as guards.  They did not let anyone into the fellowship who did not belong.  They screened everyone before simply allowing them presence among the saints of the Most High God.   Compare this to today where anyone is let into church fellowships.  Is it any wonder why barely 1 in 1000 Christians know what true worship is and is not?  The churches today are full of self-absorbed people seeking comfort and sympathy as well as entertainment and absolution.  They had no business being invited into the sanctuary of believers in the first place.

If you were to listen to most modern Christians they'd tell you the main goal of Christianity is to spread the Gospel.  What they mean to say is, above all else, the church needs to be focused primarily on missions and evangelism.  Did you know this is NOT AT ALL the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Men err by assuming rather than studying, (ref. 2 Timothy 2:15).  The Gospel is not a set of static doctrines to be repeated over and over again until every last person on the planet has heard them.  Yet, this is what evangelism is today.  It seeks converts to a belief system.  The churches today writhe in unrighteousness because they have forsaken the narrow way in favor of the broad path. 

The elders and deacons have not taught those under their care the Truth. Which is, one day even Christians will be judged according to their works.  Instead, these false shepherds tickle the ears of their congregations by telling them soothing and comforting things standing in fear of those who may find offense in hearing the true gospel of the kingdom taught.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of life, not a way to Life. The "Great Commission" was fulfilled 1900 years ago yet modern Evangelicalism insists otherwise.  The directive was given to the eleven 1st century Apostles of Jesus Christ, not to every Christian person who has lived since A.D. 30,  (ref. Matthew 28:16-20).   The New Covenant is nearly silent on the issue of evangelism yet roars feverishly loud and clear and constant on the need to be obedient and follow the commandments of Christ and the Apostles.  How has the majority of the church got it so wrong for so long?

Worshiping God is not about feeling compelled to share one's faith with everyone you meet.  It is not about canvasing your neighborhood, city, state, country or the entirety of the globe "for Jesus."  Worship is not about gyrating to some soulful beat, raising your hands in rhythm to a half-hearted and monetarily compensated praise and worship band.  It is not about reading a Scripture here and there and passing the offering and communion plates.  Nor is it about sitting in a pew facing forward and listening to some self-appointed or seminary placed pastor or priest share a quick homily or sermon so everybody can get home in time to worry about their own lives they've put on hold temporarily to come to church for an hour a two.

The true worship of God is nothing less than an obedient and sacrificial life predicated upon the Scriptures.  It is about picking up ones cross and living a life reflective of Christ's commands.  It is about bearing spiritual fruit and denying oneself.  It is about working out one's own salvation with fear and trembling along the journey of sanctification.  If this is not your current form of worship then you are offering obeisance to a god of your own making.  While you may have indeed been justified in the sight of the LORD you are not being sanctified and are precariously close to being cut off the Vine.  Glorified saints will be those who've been obedient unto death, not those who once recited the 'sinner's prayer' sometime in their past then proceeded to live their life how best they saw fit.  The saints of God, who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, are those who have had their consciences trained to discern both good and evil.  They are a people who have been purchased at great cost owing their remaining existence to complete servitude and obedience to the One who has called them out of darkness and into His wonderful Light.  Anything less is to be simply one of the many "called" - not one of the few chosen! (ref. Hebrews 5:14, Romans 6:18, Matthew 22:14).

The fruit God requires of His people is obedience to His commands.  As someone once said, "holy people will inhabit a holy heaven."  God will not allow sinners into His kingdom.  Therefore, if the sole qualification of entrance into this kingdom is a one-time confession and belief in Jesus Christ then perhaps the Universalists are correct and all paths lead to heaven.  Heck, if it's true that even Satan and his demons will one day enjoy reconciliation back into Paradise why bother even living a quiet and obedient life?  If all will be saved in the end through the torments of purgatory and eons of refinement and correction then it makes sense to spend all our time making the most out of this life - to eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we die (but not really).  

Today, we cannot help but to see why the churches have nearly all become cookie cut-outs of one another. The churches of Jesus Christ are for the holy saints, not profane sinners. The early Christian churches did not let just anyone into their midst.  Thus the "great commission" Christ gave to His inner circle to go and out and make disciples of all peoples telling them to obey whatever He had commanded them. It's very true that Christ and the Apostles ate with sinners.  They kept company with prostitutes and thieves.  However, it is equally true that such persons, apart from repentance, were not allowed unfettered access into the company of the holy ones.  Presently, however, it's a completely different story . . . practicing sin is welcomed in the churches.  Very few today, it seems, have any reverent fear of God.  They think stories of Old Testament High Priests being killed in the Holy of Holies for "accidentally" disobeying a just and righteous God are just fables.  Apparently they assume, as well, that stories of others being instantly killed in the New Testament for lying to the Holy Spirit are myths also.

Today, while some obedient churches do "go out" most seek to "draw in".  Instead of protecting the flock, the majority of pastors, teachers, and elders devise comedic and clever programs with worldly enticements in order to bring the sinner into their midst.  Rather than the saints edifying one another through song, teaching, praise and worship - the 'church service' becomes subservient to the worldly seekers entering their fellowship.  The message then gets compromised so it does not offend the hearers.  The world enters the church, the "called out" of God, the ekklesia, - and the body of Faith is adulterated and most often overcome with sin resulting in every detestable form of idolatry.  So much so that in the present hour there are fornicators, adulterers, pedophiles, sodomites and queers, not only occupying the pews of many churches but standing in the pulpit ordained to preach and proudly marrying gay men and women all in the name of God!  What an abomination.

Churches today do everything they can in order to be appealing to the world around them that they may draw sinners through their doors.  This is why the majority of churches today make a mockery of Truth and cause the Spirit of Christ to not only leave their gatherings but curse them, as well.  They have forsaken the narrow way and refused to recognize quality over quantity.  As a result, they have been marginalized and left with 'in name only' Christians who remain stagnant and lacking of discernment; Christians whose lives cannot be differentiated from those around them for they live and act just like the sinners they so fervently seek to "save."

Christ told His disciples to make other disciples by teaching them to obey whatever He had commanded them.  He did not tell them to hang an "all are welcome" sign above their doors nor place a reader board with some clever saying on it out front then proceed to relax while taking refuge in their sanctuaries waiting for the unregenerate to walk in and visit their assembly.

When teachers and preachers, elders and deacons dismiss the validity of the Scriptures and rely strictly upon their own revelation from whatever myriad of sources they prostrate themselves before surely deception is not far behind.  Today, men follow after deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons never realizing their course has been altered.  Churches the world over are chalk full of comprise, tolerance, and deceit - not all, but most.

That is why when we look upon men and see the kindest of hearts, the truest of intentions, and the sincerest of beliefs we still biblically and justly admonish them to forsake their weakness in leaning upon their own understanding and instead encourage them to pursue the righteousness that only comes from the love and obedience to the Truth.

Early Christians considered themselves "paroikoi".  That is, they reckoned themselves aliens or foreigners in a strange land.  While they resided in their respective countries they wholly conceived of themselves as residents of another country, with citizenship, not on earth, but in heaven.  They had no dealings in the governments of the land in which they dwelt, neither did they dishonor their God by submitting to a lesser god through military or political ambition.  They did not submit to a man as a god, rather, they reproved such demigods.  The idea that any Roman Caesar was a god, let alone the Son of God on earth, in the case of the Popes of Rome, was abhorrent to the early Christians as well as believers throughout the centuries.  They considered such men antichrists. 

Compare this to modern Evangelicalism.  False teachers and pastors today proclaim arrogantly and pridefully that Christians must not only vote in the secular governments but should enlist themselves as political candidates and/or soldiers in defense of their country ready to maim, murder, kill, steal and destroy in order to defend their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for God and Country!  Is it any wonder that the sheep cannot see through the ruse of their, perhaps well intentioned but completely ignorant, elders, teachers, priests and pastors?

Rather than submitting to the Apostles teachings and those of Christ Himself, men have succumbed to the musings of fallen Romanists like Augustine, Calvin, and Luther.  Today, we have very few Bible believing churches.  Most hold to creeds and traditions of their respective sect or denomination.  In fact, it is much worse.  The majority of churches claiming to be Christian today could more aptly be labeled pagan.  The steeples, the pulpits, the pews, the differentiation between the clergy and the laity, amongst many other things have their origination in paganism, not Biblical Christianity.

In the early centuries Christianity spread like wildfire.  Most of the converts came out of pagan religions.  What did these pagans see in Christianity that piqued their curiosity?  Was it the preaching of dynamic evangelistic sermons?  Was it as a result of mega-conversions predicated upon a simple "sinner's prayer"?  Was it the adoption of their own heathen rituals and traditions by the church in order to beckon them? Not at all.

The power these pagans were afforded to witness was the testimony and behavior of the Christians. The Christians, or those of "the Way", were perceived to be a strange and peculiar people that did not at all resemble the society around them.  They had all things in common from the least to the greatest.  They met one anothers financial needs.  They did not participate in the games, circuses of sport, nor the theatre of the ungodly. They neither enlisted in the military nor took part in the elections of the government.  They blessed their enemies and did good unto them.  They did not pick up the sword and defend their life and liberty, either for themselves or their fellow saints.  They were a very peculiar people which served an entirely different kingdom than that of the world around them.

The pagan converts knew that death from persecution was virtually inevitable once they joined the ranks of those in "the Way" - yet they were not detoured.

The Gospel spread throughout the known world, at that time, not because of dynamic sermons or seeker friendly evangelism but because in the midst of these holy people called Christians the lame were healed to walk, the dumb were given voice, the possessed were exorcised of devils, their dead were raised to life and their obedience to their Savior shown forth in a changed life of willful submission to the commands of their Master.

Contrast this to today's believers, the majority of which are wounded victims rather than overcoming and victorious conquerors.  The gospel being preached in modern times, with very limited exception, is an "easy-believism" gospel profane and ungodly.  May you be encouraged to diligently seek out holy men of God given up solely to the protection and purification of the saints - Amen!

What to look for in a pastor . . .

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Temporary Virtue of God

WASHINGTON -  In our continuing series on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ let's now seek to gain just a fragment concerning the knowledge of the Holy.  When we think of God most of us rightly consider Him in eternal terms.  That is, in our understanding we attribute to God the personification of timelessness.  To us He is an everlasting Being with neither beginning nor end.  He is Alpha and Omega; the first and the last.

However, where men tend to err is when they associate all of the LORD's characteristics and virtues as eternal also.  While the Scriptures teach that God is love, they also teach that He is vengeance, retribution, and wrath, (ref. Nahum 1:2-3, Romans 1:18, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9).  Simply because one attribute of God is love does not necessitate that this is all God is and will ever be; for we know that God is many other things so that He may be all in all (ref. Ephesians 4:6).

Likewise, when we think of God's love we're told it lasts forever, as does His mercy and grace, (ref. Psalms 136:1+).  Yet, there is one attribute of the Maker of heaven and earth that is not eternal.  One part of of Him is everlasting in the sense that is in an integral part of His Infinitesimal Glory, yet this certain part is temporal relative to His judgments concerning the affairs of man.  The element of the Most Holy One which has an end is His attribute of patience.  

While patience is a fruit of His Spirit, (ref. Galatians 5:22) - it is a characteristic of God that is temporal.  

We read in the Old Testament that many times the LORD became wroth with His people, Israel.  Time after time they disobeyed Him and time after time he forgave them and endured their falling away with a certain degree of mercy.  But His patience did not abide with them forever.

Nebuchadnezzar carrying the Jews into captivity
There came a point in time when the sins of His people had reached their apex and no longer would they continue on without recompense for their disobedience.  We can see this clearly in their captivity to Babylon.  

In the fulness of time when Christ Jesus appeared He, again, bore with much long-suffering the sins of His people, Israel, (ref. Matthew 23:37-38, Luke 13:22-30).  Yet, the time came when Christ said enough is enough and His patience came to an end.  He became wroth with the disobedience of those who claimed to belong to the Father and in His vengeance He destroyed the Jews and their temple along with the entire city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.   

It should be a very frightening thing to fall in the hands of the Living God, (ref. Hebrews 10:31) Today, though, the majority of the churches which bare His name seem to have no righteous fear of the LORD. They continue in sin and idolatry as though the forbearance of God will always be present when they inquire of it.  It seems they've forgotten the promises of God which states He will take vengeance upon those which fail to keep His commandments.  The greatest of the commandments are these:
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."  (Matthew 22:37-40)
Today, the great majority of Christian churches claiming to be 'people of the Word' have only seemed to pay lip service to these heavenly commands, (ref. Isaiah 29:13, Matthew 5:7-9). They've elevated their understanding of God's love to encompass everything they hear, see, do and believe to such an extent that they've become so disgustingly politically correct that no longer can they discern right from wrong, evil from good, and light from dark.  In their ignorance of what God's love truly is they've replaced the void with human tolerance.  To such people God's love has become unoffensive and universally accepting of any and all behaviors.  Those who have actually taken His Name in vain often times refuse to be the salt and light of the earth even to the degree that presently, especially in America, no one wants to 'rock the boat' nor appear quarrelsome or accusational. They have become the very image of their ancestors who beat and killed the prophets of God.

As a result, they have lost their righteous witness.  The lost can see right through their religiosity.   Consequently, they lack true understanding when it comes to comprehending just what it means to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind.

For the past two decades Zephon Ministries has sought to awaken some of the LORD's pasture from their blatant disregard of certain of His commandments.  At this particular time of year this ministry makes light of the fact that most people professing themselves to be Christian are only "playing church", just as the ancient Israelites did through their continual rebellion and stubbornness which ultimately led to their destruction by God in the wilderness.

It's not this writer's intent to falsely accuse the brethren nor become overly critical in spirit toward those who may yet still be ignorant in their understanding of the Scriptures.  With such people we're commanded to  be humbly patient and loving as we seek to admonish them of their errors, (ref. Romans 13:9-10, Colossians 3:12-15, Galatians 6:1, James 5:20).    

However, just as the ancient Israelites, there are many within the churches today who are proud and haughty.  They are not teachable nor open to rebuke.  They stand firm in the belief that they are correct in their interpretations and are above reproach, (ref. Proverbs 21:24, Matthew 23:28, 1 Corinthians 2:14).  Such as these do not understand that their continued rebellion has sent leanness into their soul and they know not that God's patience has run out and His Spirit has forthwith rewarded them with a seared conscience in many avenues of thought, ability, and spiritual perception.  That is, they profess to be wise but are merely fools, (ref. Matthew 15:10, Romans 12:3, James 4:6-8).  

Most Christians today, at least in the United States, are worshiping and praising the spirit of Jezebel.  Sometimes ignorantly other times purposefully.  They believe they're honoring their heavenly Father above when in all actuality they have left His presence and have fashioned unto themselves a god of their own making.  That is, they go to church, they clothe the naked, they feed the hungry, they pray and read their Bible.  Yet, inwardly they are still self-willed and seek to be their own god.  They do what is right in their own eyes and believe what they choose to believe rather than test all things and firmly hold onto the Truth, even when it means pain and suffering in so doing.  Such people as this do not fear God - they fear man, (ref. John 12:43).

Case in point, recently this writer and his wife visited a local church body near our neighborhood.  The moment we stepped into the sanctuary we were met with an elegantly adorned Christmas tree decorated with globes of silver and gold.  The walls of the sanctuary were strewn with boughs of evergreens interlaced with glowing white lights.  Next to the pulpit stood an Admiralty flag of the United States and opposite this was the flag of Christendom.

Now, it is not this author's intent to disparage those who attend this certain church nor dishonor their pastor (who seemed to be a meek man with genuine concern for the souls under his care).  The young pastor prayed often and always seemed to be inviting the Spirit of God to lead the service.  Likewise, many of the parishioners under his care appeared quite friendly and hospitable and offered up a loving hand of fellowship.  It is without doubt that inside this small gathering were faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  

However, it also appeared there were those present which may have sincerely believed they were worshiping the One true God, both in Spirit and in Truth, yet the idolatrous symbols present betrayed any vestige of biblical discernment and spiritual purity they may have perceived themselves to possess.

At one point in the service the song leader made an announcement elaborating that the Body of Christ had lost a dear brother 'in the Lord' the previous day whose name was Paul Crouch, the founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN).
Paul & Jan Crouch with Billy Graham

It was at this point that I glanced at my wife with eyes full of pity and sadness.  For it was then I realized this "church" was just like hundreds of thousands of others across America; spiritually dead and biblically ignorant.  

Simply because one or two may not know the truth about charlatans and apostles of Satan parading about as ministers of righteousness is not warrant enough to dismiss a body of believers as apostate.  Nor is it wise to lump the righteous in with the workers of iniquity.  But when a church, as a whole, sits in silence as idolatry surrounds them and heresy permeates through the pews what can be the outcome other than another tragic loss to the new age gospel of ecumenism and adulterous sin with the world?

Chris Tomlin accepting secular Grammy award
My heart truly bleeds for the pastor as he seemed to be a man with noble aspirations with, what outwardly appeared to be, the commendable intent to turn the hearts of those in his congregation to a fuller understanding of the Truth.  

Yet, even this man was seeking to introduce the subtly of Satan, through worldly and generic "Christian" music, into his congregation.  Once a church uplifts men and women who've sold their very souls to the Adversary for the measly reward of Mammon any remaining ability to discern evil from good tends to fall by the wayside. There is a reason older saints tend to resist the newer music and lyrics of the younger generation today, especially when it is slowly assimilated into the praise of God.  The reason is because they know there is a different spirit behind these songs but for fear of being "prudish" and divisive they sheepishly choose to remain quiet instead of boldly protecting that which is holy. 

The writer of Hebrews harshly chastised the Christians of his time for failing to grow in their knowledge of the Holy.  They, like so many today, grew lazy and comfortable and did not even realize they were near to being 'cut off.'  Faith without works is dead.  These first century believers had no works thereby rendering their faith virtually useless.  Not only was the writer's patience with them extinguished but he warned that they were in grave danger of actually being destroyed.  Instead of being stalwarts of the Faith ready to teach and disciple one another in the "meat" of the Word, the writer of Hebrews admonished these believers because they were still like little babies who indefinitely continued drinking milk.  They had absolutely no spiritual discernment, (Hebrews 5:11-13, 6:1, 1 Corinthians 3:2, 14:20).

In like manner, American believers in Jesus Christ today fall into two groups:  the wise and the foolish.

Christians today cannot claim ignorance when it comes to understanding what kingdom the American flag represents.  It does not represent true freedom in God's kingdom from spiritual slavery, but death and servitude to a kingdom of darkness, (click here).  The 50 pentacles adorning the 'red, white, and blue' are demonic symbols signifying the worship of a false god.  Such insignias originate in Babylon.  The star is nothing less than the representation of Nimrod. 

As we'll address in a future writing, LORD willing, the reason America has been blessed materially and abundantly in a plethora of ways is not because the God of the Bible has shown His grace upon the United States, contrary to the lack of discernment of most Christians, but because this country was founded by men who did not resist the temptation offered them by the Adversary.  Jesus Christ refused to bow down and worship Satan nor accept his offering of the kingdoms of this world.  America's founding fathers, however, did accept the Devil's offer - albeit he transformed himself into an angel of light in order to better deceive them.

Most professing Christians today are so inexorably blinded by their love of this world and the United States of America, in particular, that they do not even realize the spiritual darkness that permeates their congregations as a result.  

On one hand they have the Christian flag, which is typically understood to represent Christ and His teachings.  The 'red cross' signifying his blood, the blue, in which it is placed, signifying the waters of baptism, and the white - the purity of Christ's surrender of Himself through His resisting not the Cross of Golgotha.

The churches today, with minuet exception, writhe in lukewarmness.  They have called evil good and good evil.  They worship the darkness encompassing America while at the same time proclaiming the light of Christ's gospel.  This ought not to be.

Furthermore, they have nearly no biblical discernment remaining.  In other words, professing Christians today in most evangelical, protestant, and Romanist churches are spiritually blind because they are willingly following those even more blind then themselves.

Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, professing Christians continue to defile the Holy Sanctuary, (ref. 1 Corinthians 3:17).  And as previously mentioned, it is because they do not love the LORD God with all their heart, soul, and mind.  Instead, they love themselves.  They have reverenced the adoration and acceptance of their peers more than they've feared the LORD and sought to keep His commandments.

Those who've been following the writings of Zephon Ministries for the past 20 years cannot claim to be ignorant of the devices of Satan.  For there is one topic we've covered from top to bottom, so to speak. 

It's a sad thing to see people writhe in wickedness, being ignorant of how they've been led captive by the Adversary at his will.  It's another thing completely to witness open rebellion against God by those claiming to be enlightened by His Word and instructed of the Holy Spirit, (ref. Romans 6:16, Ephesians 4:17-27, 1 Corinthians 10:20-22, 2 Corinthians 6;14-17, 2 Timothy 2:25). 

Disguised by the Knights of Columbus as:  'Christ in Christmas'
It's Christmas time again.  But one thing hasn't changed for the past 1700 years.  The celebration of winter is still entirely pagan and adulterous.  Not even one Christian church in America dared celebrate 'Christmas' prior to the influx of apostate Roman Catholicism in the 18th century.  In fact, the ancient Roman celebration of Saturnalia (called Christmas today) was non-existent in the churches of Jesus Christ for over 300 years after His Ascension only to start being observed when Emperor Constantine melded the pagan Saturnalia celebration with apostate Christianity in the 4th century.

From this author's own experience, I've found most professing Christians stubbornly celebrate Christmas for no other reason than they love their own lives more than they love Christ.  They fear man, not God.  Sadly, this is why they suffer tremendously by lacking the spiritual development, not only to be able to biblically discern evil from good, but also the ability to produce fruits of righteousness worthy of repentance from dead works.  This is one more reason why the churches are mostly dead or dying spiritually today.  While filled with missions and outreaches, they're entirely built, in the majority of cases, by a gospel that sounds biblical but is not.  Most in our present day do not teach the Gospel of the Kingdom that Christ taught and preached but preach a spurious gospel filled with Christian rhetoric and tradition which seeks converts who simply say a 'sinners' prayer thereby seeming to move their eternal destination from hell to heaven.
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is grounded in obedience.  It is proliferated by creating disciples who've had their consciences trained to discern both good and evil thereby enabling them, by the power of the Holy Ghost and the grace freely given by God, to obey His commandments.  How can one sincerely love God if they only feign love of their neighbor?  The 'love' which permeates the churches today could more aptly be called 'tolerance.'  Sin of all sorts is tolerated rather than admonished.  It does not matter which side of the pulpit one finds themselves on in the churches today - the sins of the flesh abound.
The ecumenical gospel being taught and promulgated  in the present hour is sensual and earthly, not holy and heavenly.  It is a gospel of tolerance and brotherly love rather than a gospel of division, offense and Agape.  

Did Christ come to unite or divide? (ref. Luke 12:51)  Did he come to bring men together in social and planetary causes of justice and equality or did He come to separate His people from the worldly and religious?  Did he come to bring peace on earth or a sword? (ref. Matthew 10:34)  Does he tolerate and overlook disobedience as Evangelicals are most often taught to believe?

It has been the conclusion of great and Faithful men of God that those who adulterate the Scripture, defile the Temple, and commit fornication with the world are not to be considered true Christians. Christ states such persons cannot be his disciples; for they do not obey Him.  

Calvinist and Lutheran teachings of Protestantism, as well as Romanism convince men they can sin without fear of retribution for the god they've fashioned unto themselves is a god of love, not retribution and wrath. Little do they realize how true this is . . . except the god of love they're ignorantly following is better identified as a goddess.  Her name is Venus.  Her sensuality permeates the churches whether one addresses her as the virgin in Catholicism, or as Faith and Freedom in Americanism.  She is the repressed hidden wisdom of the ancient mystery religions.   And it is this Babylonian whore that is sweeping hordes of professing Christians toward certain destruction.  Lust, envy, and pride thrive inside many churches today as no one, it seems, has the desire to appear unloving by calling sin out and preaching against hypocrisy.

Sadly, this is a direct result of bad doctrine.  The love many proclaim to be of Christ today is actually unbiblical.  The love of God is preached as though it is an alternative to godly living.  Is it any wonder pastors and parishioners alike continue to fall headlong into the snares of the enemy?

This author does not write these things to prematurely judge nor spitefully demean those who may hold different perspectives but only to call them back to their first love before they have to encounter an excruciatingly painful end to Christ's patience in their lives.   Pride always precedes a fall, and sin always follows the pursuit of the flesh.  If we are truly loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind and loving our neighbor as ourselves then why are churches continuing to self-destruct into sin and idolatry of all sorts?

Could it be we have a distorted view of Jesus Christ and what He's called those to who go by His name?

All of us have fallen short in varying degrees when it comes to being conformed to the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ.  However, not all of us continue to resist the Holy Spirit nor rebel from the statutes set forth in Scripture.  We have tempered our consciences with the holy fear of the LORD and in so doing have been given the ability to discern good from evil.  We seek to walk after the spirit so we will not fulfill the deeds of the flesh, (Romans 8:1).  How many today sadly do not realize they remain under condemnation for failing to walk after the spirit?

For this writer, the current season is most disheartening.  I can only imagine what it must have been like for Moses to descend from the heights of Sinai, after having conversed with the Only Righteous God, to find his people bending their knees to a false image of another god.

This writer could aptly have been called "Mr. Christmas" decades ago.  No house seemed brighter lit, or tree more creatively decorated, nor gifts more generously given.  Red and green holly was strewn beautifully about with a sprig of mistletoe even, to lighten the mood. Truly, the Christmas spirit was alive and well in this household.  Feelings of love for family, good will toward his fellow man, and the warmth of friends gathered around the fire singing carols in the snowy cold of winter abounded.   The spirit inducing these feelings was divine.  At least, it seemed to be . . .

Yet, one day he awoke to find out that there truly was a 'spirit' of Christmas.  It wasn't just make-believe.  Even so, abrubtly and without resistance one Christmas became his last.  He parted from family and friends only to be looked upon with pity and shame.  The candlelight services, the gingerbread cookies and the presents under the tree instantly lost their luster.  The spirit of love and warmth, of joy and compassion, comradery and excitement strangely disappeared as well.  The spirit of Christmas instantaneously vanished.  The Jesus he thought he knew to be reverencing at this most wonderful time of year turned out to be a "Jesus" he never wished to offer obeisance unto again.  The space Christmas once held in his heart suddenly became empty and void. 

In it's place was left revelation of such magnitude that this writer not only condemns his past celebrations as the deceptions of a lesser god posing as an angel of light, but without apology, states undeniably that not one thing about the Christmas season is holy.  Not one thing about it is righteous.  Not one thing about it is good.  And not one thing about it should ever be heard to be praised from the lips of a genuine Christian disciple of Jesus the Christ.  The 'spirit' of Christmas so often invoked was now shown to be a lying spirit.  A spirit which lies in wait seeking those to deceive with its religious sounding piety, materialistic greed, and sensual love.

How many of you this holiday season will ignorantly repeat one of the most pagan salutations of the ancient world?

Instead of Merry Christmas . . . I leave you with this: repent - for the kingdom of God is at hand - only, in order to reach out and grasp this kingdom you must take up your cross and follow Him, forsaking all others if need be . . . for His patience is now razor thin and His vengeance upon all that is ungodly sleepeth not.

Please Christian, be not deceived.  It's still your choice.   But the day is coming when you will no longer have a choice.  Because of your refusal to believe the Truth the very God you seek to serve will cause you to believe a lie.  And the door will be shut.  It does not matter how much you think you love your Savior or how much you perceive He loves you - what matters is do you love Him with all your heart, soul, and mind and if so how do you know?  Well, He makes it quite simple . . . (ref. John 14:15, 1 John 2:3-6).

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